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The Members' Contribution page is a place for you to contribute articles, your experiences, case studies, etc. about your computerisation activity. To contribute, click here to write to us.

Members' Articles

Articles by Prem Kamble which are relevant to CIOs and end users:

IT Strategy

Bringing Computers In

Article published in Times of India for Top Professionals

Indian Computing: Issues at Stake

Article in Computers Today. It talks of the problems which plague the IT infiltration in companies at all levels - top management, end users and IT departments. Though the article is old, it is still as relevant as it was when it was written.

Psychology of Change from Industrial Era to Information Era

This article highlights the difference between the industrial culture and the information culture and how the knowledge of this difference helps in understanding the computer technolgy without a maze of misconceptions.

My IT Strategy

IT Implementation Strategy

Computing - A Field Job

Article published in Computers Today talks of my strategy of successful implementation and the key success factors.

IT Operations Strategy

Camble's Rambles

Article describes how change requests were handled with a specific case study. It gives the golden rule for software support - understand the change request thoroughly, and you may find that the request may be met without any change in the system.







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