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Prem Kamble - A Profile 

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An engineer from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai, MBA from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Calcutta and Advanced Management from Mewes System, Germany, Prem has over 20 years of experience in Information technology for businesses.

Prem started his career in a software company and in less than 5 years was heading the IT of a group of companies consisting of heavy engineering unit, turnkey engineering projects, Sugar mill, etc. Ever since, he has been a CIO of leading companies and has later worked in leading SEI level 5 software companies.

His long stint as a CIO has given him an insight and deep understanding of Business Process Automation, high level IT Implementation Strategies, Change Management, Strategies and Top Management issues. Whereas the stint with software companies gave him an exposure to the overseas market. Having been on both sides of the table, as a user and supplier of software and having seen both the Indian and overseas market, he has a very down to earth approach specially suited for Indian conditions.

With his close study of the businesses and people, he brings the insight to develop business solutions that focus on business objectives and people.

Prem’s achievements as a CIO:

-      Story of his successful computerisation was published as cover article in Computers Today. Available at

-      Story on his IT Strategy with focus on business published in Times of India (

Prem’s achievements while working in a SEI Level 5 software company:

-      A record of delivering all the projects on time to the utmost delight of the customer

-      Maximum repeat orders in his company

-      Highest resource utilization in the company

-      All the projects which he completed on time were headed by 'first-time' project leaders

-      His success story “Key Success Factors” was published in company magazine and is available at:


He has published several articles in leading IT magazines and on the web. The articles are based on over twenty years of experience in automating business processes, and a close study of people issues (IT professionals, end users and top management) during computerisation.


Articles Published by Prem Kamble:






Computing: A Field Job

Computers Today, Dec 1988

Article on my Successful Computerisation : The management Issues


Indian Computing: Issues at Stake

Computers Today, Aug 1989

Problems in Indian Computing in respect of Top Management, User Awareness, and IT professionals’ problems.


Bringing Computers In

Times of India, dated July 6, 1992

Computerisation Strategy for Top Professionals


ERP: Shifting Managers’ Focus from Technology to Business

Express Computers, dated Oct 27, 1997

Why ERP is the right solution in today’s scenario, particularly in India.


The Management is Shocked that... - ( md=c&cid=191311)

Key success factors behind successful completion of projects on time to the utmost satisfaction of customer - the people issues.


From Machine Age to Information Era - ( md=c&cid=207929 )

How to leapfrog into information era by changing your machine age mindset - a Psychology of change from Machine age to Information Age.


Indians! Wake up to Quality

A look into the Indian attitude to Quality and the historical background leading to it. What needs to be done to change it.


God and Religion - A Scientific and Objective Look ( cid=108389)

Need to take an objective look at religion in order that the world can avoid the ill effects due to fundamentalism and still benefit from religion. As intuitive as his articles on Computers