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The Management of Mondaq is shocked to know that the project went live on the date it was supposed to…

-       mail received from Charles Ashton, CIO, Mondaq,  UK  my first client at DSQ (Microsoft ASP Project) (Full story available at

Even in UK, I have rarely seen projects delivered both on time and to specifications.

-       Mr Michael Bournat, MD, CQR Technologies, UK, while speaking to P U Kamble on CQR Talisman Project delivered on time and to specifications (Java/EJB Project).

We are thrilled to death

-       Jeffery Wu, CEO, Claritas llc, CEO, Enternet Technologies, USA, (while speaking to DSQ’s MD on arrival in India to place repeat order) – C++, ASP Project

Your team is one of the most professional I have ever worked with on software development.  It is a great pleasure to see the progress unfold.

                           -  Jonathan Brown, Enternet Technologies, USA. Email dated 9.4.2001.(C++, ASP project)

Other Emails of Appreciation


Client Testimonials/ Achievements (for my CIO Role)

Please accept my sincere thanks for your leadership role, tenacious efforts and inspiration in developing and implementing HR Systems

     Mr Lalit Vohra, Director HR, DSQ for the in-house systems developed and implemented for DSQ using idle resources (CIO role).

Smile of Success:  Cover Article in ‘Computers Today’, Dec 1988-article on my successful computerization as CIO. Click on the image to open the article or click on the following hyperlink


Appreciation Emails from Clients



"Wu, Jeffrey" <>

06/28/01 04:58 AM


To:  "P. U. Kamble (E-mail)" <>, "Saravanan (E-mail)" <>

cc:  "Prime Jose (E-mail)" <>, "Kelso Morrill (E-mail)" <>, <>

Subject:  EnterNet kickoff


Dear Kamble:

I am very excited to say that we will be working with you and your team

on PersonalPortal.  We have just sent Prime a Purchase Order to formally begin work with DSQ.  We are very pleased to have reached an agreement with DSQ.  While there were several other firms that were interested in working with us under similar terms, we felt most confident in and comfortable with DSQ.  I personally have the highest regard for you, Dinesh, and the DSQ managers and staff that I had the pleasure of meeting over the past several months.  We look forward to a successful partnership that will grow into a very large opportunity for all of us.

.. .. ..

Once again, I would like to stress how pleased we are to be working with

DSQ and how impressed I have been with the people and the organization.


Looking forward to seeing you again very soon,



Jeffrey A. Wu (mailto:jwu@.........)

Claritás, LLC (


: "Wu, Jeffrey" <jwu@claritas.......>

Sent:Monday, October 22, 2001 10:37 PM

To: <>;<kmorrill@enternet........>; "Spens, John" <>

Cc: <>;<>

Subject: RE: Revised PSP



I think your approach will be much less problematic than the previous

approach.  You guys are doing a terrific job!  Please keep it up and keep us posted on progress.




"Jeffrey A. Wu" <>

03/02/01 12:36 AM


   To: <>

                    cc: "N. Venkatakrishnan" <>, "Jonathan Brown" <>

                       Subject:  Visit


We just finished a teleconference with Venky and have drawn the following conclusions.  It does not appear that a visit is possible due to Visa delays.  Adding to the problem is that fact that I will be in Los Angeles after next week.

I will visit Chennai, but at this point in the project it will not be

possible.  We agreed that the timing will not work out.  More importantly, your team has done such a wonderful job of design and staying on schedule that we will not stand to gain that much from a visit.

For phase 2, I will come over and spend a good amount of dedicated time with your team working on the longer term set of design issues around the full product.  From a business perspective, it will also be very important that we understand what capabilities you have and where we need to be less aggressive in selling.  We are very pleased with our relationship with DSQ as an organization and have found the people on your team to be highly professional and very nice to work with.  I am looking foward to meeting them in person in the coming months.  The client has also remarked how well things are progressing and was impressed by the quality of the work.

... .. ... .. ..

I am sorry that the logistical situation has created so many problems, and we appreciate your flexiblity in working with us.  (I will be applying for a visa very soon.)

All the best,


Jeffrey A. Wu (

Claritás, LLC (


"Douglas B Quine" <>

04/17/2001 10:03 PM


                 To:  "Jeffrey A. Wu" <>

 cc:,, "John Spens \(E-mail\)" <>,  "'R Saravanan \(E-mail\)'" <>, "P. U. Kamble \(E-mail\)" <>

                 Subject:                RE: e-mailAngel Answers and Update


Jeffrey (and other team members) -

Thanks again to the team for their tremendous effort - and also congratulations to DSQ for their tremendous achievement with the CMM level 5 certification.  It is exciting to be working with such a world class team of dedicated individuals.



Regards - Doug




"Jonathan Brown" <>

04/09/01 10:29 PM

Please respond to jbrown



To:         "R Saravanan \(E-mail\)" <>, "Kamble Kamble \(E-mail\)" <>

cc:         "Jeff Wu \(E-mail\)" <>

Subject:                e-mailAngel Problem Resolution Process

Hi Saravanan and Kamble:

First of all my congratulations for a successful and professional demo on Friday.  It met our expectations and surpassed them in some areas. 

.. ..

Your team is one of the most professional I have ever worked with on

software development.  It is a great pleasure to see the progress unfold.





"Brown, Jonathan" <>

06/13/01 10:28 PM


To: <>

cc: "John Spens (E-mail)" <>, "Jeff Wu (E-mail)" <>

Subject: RE: SEVERE Problem Report on Database Revised Software

Hi Kamble:

.. ..

Tripathy's and Saravanan's responsiveness and professionalism as we deal with these last few issues on V.9 have been exemplary.  I know you are proud to have them in your organization.  They stay cool under pressure despite my requests for defect resolution and changes.

.. ..




To:          <>, <>

cc:           <>, <>, "John Spens \(E-mail\)" <>, "Jonathan Brown \(E-mail\)" <>

Subject: RE: EMailAngel Vs 1 and  Vs 0.95


.. ..

We are grateful for the excellent support your team has provided to the client in doing this. 

.. ..

To summarize, we at Claritas as very pleased by the work that the team has done and the excellent relationship we are building with DSQ. 

... ...



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